Welcome to Trion Logics

We provide professional solutions to a wide range of clientele both as consultants and as integrators. We work hard to make sure that our clients securely achieve their business objectives.


Trion Logics specializes in various SIEM systems (HP Arcsight, McAfee ESM, Logrhythm, Open Source solutions).

We Make the invisible, visible..

We can help make sense of your log clutter.


We specialize in Robust SIEM / SOC Solutions

We provide various SIEM / SOC and Incident response techniques solutions to improve your security experience. We also provide complete information security services which will facelift your company's security response.

Why choose Us?

Why choose Us.Because we are Reliable.

We provide a tailor made solution per customer. Our team consists of international employees with various skill sets.
We are certified by various vendors as their professional services tier 2 - 3 engineers.

Why choose Us?

Our Mission.Detect, Respond, Secure.

We have both high end vendor based “Swiss-army knife” toolkit and open source tools to complete every job!.

Why choose Us?

What we Do.Make our Customers Secure.

SIEM/SOC , Incident Response . We provide high-end integration and consultation services for various Solution.

"Know thy self , know thy enemy , A thousand battles , a thousand victories. - San Tzu"

Who are our clients?
Trion Logics has various clients from various market interests. We have a tight relationship with Government Security sectors, financial sectors and Telekom companies.
How to get Support?
We provide 24/7 SOC support for those international companies which need round the clock attention. We fly out teams around the world and also connect remotely.
What makes us so special?
We have the knowhow, we have the skills and we develop add-ons to all platforms per request. Our team work in confidential departments in various companies and we all obtain knowledge and share it in the team, this allows us to increase our capability to help any company which seeks to elevate their security.
Are your courses in English?
Our courses are in English and all the material is in English. We can translate the course materials as necessary.

2015-2016 Total Number Of Projects Done

  • SIEM/SOC integrations
  • Incident response Projects
  • Forensic Investigations
  • PT
  • McAfee Projects
  • Websense Projects
  • Courses
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